Welcome to The Safety Place! Our agency is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the community through safety education. Preventable injuries are the #1 killer of children, and our mission is to save and improve the lives of youth ages 0-18, through awareness of injury risks and prevention. We are the only child safety and injury prevention non-profit in Louisiana, and are proud to have you covered from the age of car seats to car keys! Our organization offers Nationally Certified Child Passenger Safety professionals who educate families about the correct use and installation of car seats; we teach young drivers how to be road ready; provide education about bike safety and pedestrian skills; we aim for safety with our gun safety program for kids, we promote sweet dreams for infants with our safe sleep program…AND SO MUCH MORE!

Bringing Safety Home! We want to help bring you & your loved ones home safely. We want you to share safety messages at home, and we want you to know that The Safety Place marks the spot! We strive to foster community partnerships with safety minded individuals and organizations to create solutions for preventing child injuries. When you think safety, we want to you think THE SAFETY PLACE!


Save and improve the lives of children ages 0-18, by empowering caregivers and youth through awareness of injury risks and prevention.


Improve quality and quantity of life for youth.


Educate and empower individuals to lead a safe lifestyle through safety education.

Core Values


Pursue excellence in performing duties, be well informed, prepared, and constantly strive to increase proficiency in all areas of responsibility.


Uphold principled, honorable, and upright behaviors without sacrificing for convenience.


Value and prioritize safety at all times, and in all situations.


Remain passionate about the work we do.


Remain loyal to the organization’s mission, vision, core values, and fulfillment of its purpose, goals, and objectives.


Treat everyone with courtesy and respect.